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La Guajira restoration project




LA Guajira Restoration Project IS A test site for land restoration in response to foreign mining practices. 

(LGRP) is a live demonstration site that embodies—in a concentrated space—the combined knowledge of the local indigenous Wayuu people, as well as the application of Permaculture principles of interconnectedness. Through the lense of a holistic management approach, LGRP transforms the result of foreign mined landscape into a thriving food forest, in the desert.

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La Guajira Peninsula is a desert environment along the coast of northern Colombia. It is the northernmost point in South America, and where the largest open pit coal mine in the continent has been operating for a little over three decades. Though this region’s ecosystem has always been catalogued as a desert, historically, it has been a healthy, fruitful one, capable of providing for the semi-nomadic Wayuu—the largest indigenous group in Colombia, whose population extends to neighboring Venezuela—for hundreds of years. 




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